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Packwood Flavors for sale. Packwoods  is a Los Angeles based pre-rolled blunt producer. Their original Packwoods’ blunt is filled with two grams of hand broken flower and strain-specific cannabis oil. Then the tobacco-free wraps are dusted in a pile of kief. An engineered glass tip is inserted as the final touch. The result is a dizzyingly strong product that can get the entire circle on another level. Packwoods have 13 blunt flavors right now and that doesn’t even include their collaborations with Runtz and Cookies.


Types Packwoods Flavors Available



Guava is a mysterious strain, its genetic history has been kept under wraps thus far. What we do know is the Guava strain produces tropical citrus notes that you can smell through the trunk of a car. This cultivar is known as a sativa-hybrid that leaves uses happy and relaxed while stirring some creative juices at the same time. Packwoods for sale in Cali. Packwood Flavors


Flo is a descendant of old cannabis genetics. Purple Thai and Afghani Indica were bred to create a highly productive sativa strain. Sweet, earthy, and pine flavors stir the senses and help users channel some energy to get the day started quickly and flowing nicely. buy packwoods pre roll online LA, Ca

El Chapo .

While this strain sounds intimidating, it also is intimidating. It’s a heavily sedating cultivar bred out of Face Off OG and SFV OG. Rich earth and pine aromas give way to an insomnia assassin, something that is best left for couch surfing your Netflix queue or gaming with the squad. delta 8 packwoods for sale

Purple Punch

This is a strain we’ve reviewed thoroughly on the site — there’s no doubt it’s one of the best commonly found indica strains on the market right now. It’s consistently tasty because the berry/grape terpenes it brings are incredible. This is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry and is best saved for 4/20 dessert. Buy packwoods pre roll Online, Buy packwood quebec Canada. Packwood Flavors

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