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Pink Buffalo Mushroom: Potency, Trip Effects, Dosage & Growing

Pink Buffalo is a Psilocybe cubensis strain originally found in Thailand. According to legend, the man who named it and went on to popularize it internationally actually found the mushrooms in a field where a pink buffalo was grazing (that is possible, as an online search for “pink buffalo animal” will attest).

The strain is said to be on the more potent side, as implied by the deep blue color that develops when the stems are bruised or cut. The caps tend to be a bit dark. Pink buffalo is also considered quite easy to cultivate.

Trip Effects

The effects of taking pink buffalo are essentially those of taking any P. cubensis strain. In general, these mushrooms cause changes in mood, thought-patterns, and perception, plus certain physical symptoms. Ideally, that means euphoria, insight, and interesting visual hallucinations (at least with higher doses), but the thoughts and feelings the user takes into the trip influence its direction—fear, disturbing ideas, and disturbing visions are possible. And in either case, nausea, vomiting, poor coordination, and more serious side effects are also possible. And yet psilocybin mushrooms are a relatively safe way to alter the mind, provided one follows certain common-sense safety procedures.

Pink Buffalo is said to offer a gentler, kinder version of the typical Psilocybe high.


Pink Buffalo is one of the more potent P. cubensis strains, though the difference is not dramatic. P. cubensis in general is about middle-of-the-road for potency among psilocybin-containing mushroom species.


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