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8 Plug Play Vape Pod Reviews

plug and play pod cartridge review

I got my hands on 8 different strains from Plug Play and I can say that the quality of each strain was astonishing.

For me, this really isn’t like any other cart on the market, and the vape pen has a long-lasting battery life. Let’s take a look at the different strains I tested:

  1. Jack Herer – This is honestly the best Jack Herer THC oil I have tried. Its flavor profiles reminded me of the strain and were very refreshing. Plug and Play vape pods indeed have premium THC oil, and this is some of their best. This is also one of the best Sativa strain prefilled THC oil cartridges I have ever tried (and I tried many of them). I vaped Jack Here from a Stiiizy pod and Brass Knuckles cartridge. If you ask me, the terpene profile of Plug and Play is superior then the ones of their competitors.
  2. Pound Cake – I really thought I was going to like vaping this strain with my coffee, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. I am not alone with how I feel about its awful taste, there are many reviews left on weedmaps.com about how it’s the worst. I can not recommend even trying this and want to suggest they do not stop producing it, but instead, just make some changes to the terpene profile. Once this taste has been improved, I would love to give it another review, that’s if they take the many common negative reviews about this strain into consideration.
  3. King Louie – Another great indica prefilled THC oil pod from Plug and Play. There are some people who like this one and others who don’t. People on Weedmaps complain that its too the taste is too earthy. I didn’t have this problem at all. It reminded me of vaping some good tasting weed. I think the people who are complaining about this strain are those who enjoy the sweet flavor THC oils.
  4. Train Wreck – They got this one right because it tastes like the actual train wreck strain. This was, of course, another potent pod that doesn’t require too many puffs to get high. I can recommend this strains for those who just like the taste of weed. Plug and Play got it right with all their strains I vaped from them, they all reminded me of the bud. Train Wreck isn’t a favorite but its worth trying out if you’re a fan of the strain.
  5. Pineapple Express – This strain is a top of the line sweet tasting THC oil. This prefilled THC oil tasted just like a hint of pineapples. This one leaves a fresh aftertaste of pineapples after each hit. The taste is clean because only THC oil and terpenes are used. This is a must try for anyone looking for a sweet tasting flavor cannabis oil that is also potent.
  6. Apple Slushie – This THC oil reminded me of a green jolly rancher candy. I really enjoyed this extremely potent pod.  If you exhale this strain, it does not taste like cannabis at all. This is perfect for those who want to get high discreetly.
  7. Fire OG – This was my second favorite (best Indica THC oil I have vaped so far). I vaped over 20 different carts, and there is no other indica strain that can compete with the quality of this cannabis oil. This one is very relaxing and will help anyone relax or go to sleep. This pod and THC oil combination hit like a dab rig. Seriously, I am not exaggerating, just read the many positive reviews about it on Weedmaps. Those who are looking for the strong cannabis vape pen and cartridge have found it with Plug and Play.
  8. Strawberry Champaign – This strain was my favorite among the 8 I was able to try from Plug and Play. There is no other strawberry flavor THC oil that can compete with this perfect blend of terpenes and cannabis extract. Hands down the best Sativa THC oil, it gave me the energy to be productive for long periods of time. Taking one puff of this pod releases an instant burst of energy that makes the $60.00 well worth it.

Best THC oil in 2018

plug and play vape review

On the box of Plug and Play cartridges, the words Premium THC oil is labeled on it, I couldn’t believe how accurate it turned out. I allowed many of my friends to try this vape pen and pods out and they too agree that it’s the best they have tried. The pods from Plug and Play hit more efficiently compared to the standard 510 cartridges. Plug and play have created a ceramic heating cartridge that lets you take huge hits for some intense highs.


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