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You can finally taste the rainbow with these delicious Original Mix Skittles infused with 400mg of THC. You have probably been wondering how to buy THC weed edibles online but don’t worry we got you covered and we are bringing you exclusive popular candies infused with THC!

Check out our THC Skittles candy dipped in premium cannabis.

Each bag contains a total of 400mg of THC Edibles.

Be sure to manage your usage properly and responsibly based on your weed tolerance. DO NOT eat the whole bag if you cannot handle the dose. We suggest starting with a few candies and working your way up as these THC skittles pack a punch.

Typically you will want to wait 1-2 hours before increasing your dose. Be careful, these skittles may be small, but they are very potent and will have you feeling stoned for hours.

This fun treat is a great way to have a chill night with your friends. They do not only taste great but will get you silly HIGH!

Here at Silly Smoke, we bring the most exclusive THC edibles that are hard to find elsewhere, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality weed and edibles online in Canada. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you!


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